The Ultimate List of Free & Premium Dashboard Templates of 2021

The Ultimate List of Free & Premium Dashboard Templates of 2021

Bootstrap is a popular framework that is open source. It is famous for developing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. There are many web developers who select bootstrap. It is the best choice as a framework if you want to develop websites and the latest projects.

Bootstrap supports all the major CSS compatibility fixes and browsers because it’s a consistent and best framework to use. Bootstrap is highly customizable. It’s lightweight with responsive styles and structures. The high flexibility makes it more preferable.

It provides developers great flexibility to work for creating the Responsive Grid and several elegant designs. It also offers a 12 column grid system so you can easily use it. The big support community is available to clear your queries.

Enjoy higher productivity advantages using the bootstrap. It is comfortable and convenient to use for your projects. These templates are the best source to make your website cozy and cozy. Following is the list of free and premium dashboard templates that you can use in 2021.


It is a bootstrap admin template with advanced features among all other premium admin dashboard templates. This template contains a good structure with highly responsive features. The template is laced with PHP (laravel 8), HTML (bootstrap 4), Vuejs and Angular 11 with React (reactstrap).

Developers recommend this template highly all over the world because it is user-friendly with great speed. You will get the best experience with the amazing features of this template. The Vuejs+HTML dashboard is developer-friendly.


It is the ultimate three choices in one bootstrap 4 HTML admin template. Apex contains a modern Angular 11 update. The template is clean, powerful, and super flexible. You can use this highly responsive admin template to take your project to a next level.

The angular components are ready to use with backend applications and unique dashboards. The template offers you a highly customizable dashboard with workable NgRx apps. You will also get a starter kit and RTL support with Ng bootstrap and angular CLI.

Layouts are transparent and available in dark colors. Never miss using this template because it also offers you AOT support with great features.


Fest dashboard template is well designed to clean and crafted with animated icons elegantly. This template is RTL-ready. You will find six unique demos in this template with both dark and light layouts. Frest provides you any rich features.

It offers you beneficial applications like Chat, Email, ToDo, App Kanban, Calendar, App invoice, file manager, and much more. This bootstrap admin template contains a hundred plus cards and pages and 50 plus components.

Moreover, Frest is highly compatible with amazing browsers like Opera, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari. You can use this admin template for different web applications such as Education, Banking, E-commerce backend, Analytics apps, CRM, Fitness apps, and much more.

Modern Admin

Modern admin dashboard template offers you seven templates that are pre-built with six niche category admin templates. The templates contain the latest Material design with an organized folder structure. The code in the modern template is commented and clean.

You will get seven above menu styles here with six admin panels and two hundred above cards. It also offers you three hundred plus pages with a hundred plus charts and 15 plus variations. Moreover, you will find much more in this template to use.

It provides RTL support to developers. The starter kit in this template helps several developers to take a good start quickly. You can use this template for different web applications such as eCommerce backends, analytics, CRM, fitness, project management, or custom admin panels.


It is a powerful, clean, and super flexible template. The modern responsive template offers you amazing features. Utilize the best features of this template to grow your business. You can even take your several projects to a next level using this template.

It offers you seven templates that are pre-built and contain an organized folder structure. Moreover, it contains clean and commented code with 1500 plus pages, hundred plus charts, fifty-plus cards, thousands plus components a and much more for you.

The stack provides you searchable navigation with RTL support and menu layouts that are unique. You will find the latest cards in the template with incredible support. Even you can use this template for any web application such as custom admin panels, CRM, analytics, and fitness.

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