Best and Free Admin Dashboard Templates

Best and Free Admin Dashboard Templates

It’s relatively easy to customize using the mobile-first methodology, which includes out-of-the-box design patterns and comes packaged with a large library of components and widgets. And most importantly, your Bootstrap web development will look consistent across all screen resolutions and platforms. Therefore, it makes sense to build your web application’s control or administration panel, since it will create functional and scalable applications.

In addition to the entire Bootstrap Admin Templates collection of widgets, they all include many additional plugins and functions (plugins for charts, calendars, file managers, and much more)—everything you will need to build an administration panel quickly and efficiently.

Severny – Free Dashboard template

Severny bootstrap admin is from WrapPixel. It comes with a fresh and unique design, which will give your project an eye-pleasing look. It also includes some ready to use page templates and lots more. Download it for free.

Download for FREE

Chain Bootstrap Manager
This admin template has a very modern design. It contains various chart templates, email inbox templates, form elements, and more than 500 user interface elements.

Vibe – Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template
This template has been built with React.js and offers a clean interface that will help you create a beautiful control panel. Also, in the template, you will find some example pages to facilitate your web applications’ initial design work.

Space Bootstrap Admin
This template has an attractive design and contains many charts, landing pages, Google, sidebar elements, and vector maps.

Adminator Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template
The admin template is based on Bootstrap 4 and, as such, offers a responsive layout. It’s an excellent choice for corporate and website wiki panels.

Material Dashboard Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
This template features a modern material design style. The template offers 2 versions, 1 paid and one free, but the free version is enough to create an elegant admin panel.

Now UI Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template
The kit features a nice color scheme and offers cards, stylish typography, and pre-made graphics.

Bootstrap 4 Admin UI Kit
Bootstrap-based admin UI kit. It includes more than 500 items, hundreds of icons, and many templates and tutorials to help you design the perfect dashboard.

CoreUI Bootstrap Admin Template
The core is a Bootstrap manager template with a simple and modern color scheme. It has various components like breadcrumbs, accordions, buttons, code editors, and more.

Vue Bootstrap Template
Vue Material Design is a bootstrap-based admin UI set. It contains more than 500 items, hundreds of icons, and many templates and tutorials to help you design the perfect dashboard.

Kenny Bootstrap Admin
This dashboard template is based on the bootstrap. It has 4 various dashboards, eCommerce demos, and various UI elements and symbols to create a robust admin dashboard.

Paper Panel Bootstrap Manager
The paper panel has a modern and flat design. It has 2 dashboards and contains all the necessary UI elements, landing pages, and components needed to design a dashboard.

Bootflat Admin: flat admin panel
Bootflat Admin is a colorful admin panel template. It comes with various user interface elements and templates that you can design to create a beautiful and colorful admin interface.

TemplateVamp – Free Bootstrap Admin Template
TemplateVamp has a modern and clean design. It is highly recommended for the development of accounting and/or administration web systems.

Gentelella – Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template
Gentelella is a beautiful and elegant admin template. It has 3 different panels, as well as a set of home pages.

Agency Template
It is ideal for promoting agencies and companies effectively on the Internet. It allows you to show a large amount of content coherently, making your company is known and its services to its customers. Its high flexibility allows it to adapt to the particular needs of a website.

Hierapolis – Admin Template
Hierapolis is a modern admin panel template with 3 pre-made pages and a nice collection of UI elements and components. Includes tables, forms, icons, and more. Among the collection of my developments is the template.

AdminLTE – Free Bootstrap 3 Admin Template
Includes over 1000 icons and 6 different themes to get you started. You will also find more than 18 plugins as well as three custom plugins. It is one of the most popular templates used for the construction of powerful and robust control panels.

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