Best Admin Dashboard Templates Accessible In 2021

Best Admin Dashboard Templates Accessible In 2021

It is important to create the admin areas and the perfect dashboard for your project or app. There are some top Bootstrap Admin Templates that make this process easy and quick for you. Thanks to these templates.

You can select attractive packages that are composed of pre-built templates which are stylish. The packages include admin areas and demos for the dashboards. Even all the packages are customizable now. 

The tools in the collection that we have presented are composed of various UI kits. It ensures that you can add the necessary elements to the admin pages and dashboard. You will get predefined color schemes in some options that speed up the process of development.

Everything you have required for your project will be found in the packs of the templates. The following collection of Bootstrap admin templates help you to create the best user interface that your customers or users deserve. Even the design of dashboard pages will attract your target audience.


It is the latest admin template that became famous in the marketplace of ThemeForest. Five main variations of the dashboard are available to select. You can complete your work in the best way with the help of MaterialPro. There are chances that this template is an ideal choice for you.

You will find a lot of options for customization and setting to utilize for your project in the pre-built designs of dashboards. Apply the twelve color skins to your custom dashboards. 

Select the color configuration settings and obtain the option to create custom combinations in an unlimited amount to give your project the best look. Editable PSD files are available in the template package to create greater freedom over the admin panel’s appearance.


Codebase contains a flexible framework that is designed to help you in creating custom dashboards according to the requirements of your project. 

For developers who need to create professional pages or who want to design a custom dashboard for their site, the features of Codebase are worth using. You will get the best control panels from this template that you can utilize for your product.

The modular design helps to select the elements for your pages. Flexbox ensures that all the elements and UI are aligned in the right place perfectly. Another best notable feature of Codebase is its options of typography and settings.


It is a famous and well-established admin theme. The template has been updated continuously since 2013. Metronic has secured its position from constant updates. You can say that it is the top-selling admin template that the busy ThemeForest marketplace has.

Your admin panels will get a unique look when you use this template. The package is composed of seven admin themes. Each theme is customized highly. Users get a lot of opportunities for personalization. 

Create a unique area of admin for your project using features out of 1,500 UI and thousand of pre-built pages. Each main theme has different configurations including the option of a material design, RTL text mode, one with corners that are round, and AngularJS version.


It is a famous bootstrap admin template that you can use to create the latest dashboard for your project. You can design the best dashboard user interface in a quick and simple way for your app or website using Pages. The template contains many useful features.

The framework of the template is customizable highly for starters. Use layouts as an initiating point for creating your own unique designs. Select color skins, module layouts, and menu types from a wide range. 

Different animation effects are available for the experiment if you want to enhance the visual appeal of the dashboard you are using. Another amazing thing about this template is that it contains a complete library of the latest icons. You can use these icons throughout the UI design.

Material Dashboard pro

It is a famous Bootstrap admin kit inspired by Google’s Material Design style. Thanks to sidebar layouts and top collapsible menus. Material Dashboard Pro is an ideal choice for you if you are working on projects that need a lot of display options and other elements to overwhelm users.

The user interface is designed in the best way so you can utilize the good options for corporate projects. Templates also have a good selection of animations that are well-executed. These animations help you to appeal to the users.

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