8 Best Angular Resources You Should Know

8 Best Angular Resources You Should Know

Put to the task of mastering a programming language, there are never too many resources that allow us to accelerate learning or have inspiration tools at hand, the following can help you reach levels of excellence with Angular, take advantage of them! There are many great angular resources, below are listed some.

  1. Angular University

Here you will find weekly video lessons with levels from beginner to advanced that deal with the Angular framework and ecosystem, there are totally free videos, however, for a payment of USD 10.00 per month you have access to all the lessons, They can also watch the post-subscription videos and access a 3-month license for the popular JetBrains IDE “Webstorm 3” that is used in all lessons, as well as Angular support via instructors.

There is the option of registering to receive a periodic newsletter with news from the site. Videos for beginners are highly recommended. Angular University is entirely in the English language.

Check it outAngular University

  1. Egghead.io

Egghead is also in English and it is not exclusive to Angular but it has quite a few free learning resources for the framework, we have counted at least 5 free courses on Angular and its ecosystem with lessons of no more than 5 minutes.

With the paid subscription option, all videos, courses and lessons can be viewed. Select playlists with different learning objectives, you can download the lessons to watch them offline and control the playback speed to learn faster or at least that is enacted and as a plus you have access to the community of programmers.


Check it outEgghead.io

  1. Angular 2 cheat sheet

This is a resource on the Angular site that is worth highlighting in case it has been overlooked, it is a syntax guide that is oriented in 3 large sections: Syntax for Typescript, Syntax for Javascript, and The syntax for Dart.

To see each section you have to go to the drop-down menu that is at the end of the left column in the URL of Angular Cheat Sheet, a not inconsiderable resource with variety for your way of programming in Angular.

Check it out: Angular 2 cheat sheet

  1. / r / Angular2

The Angular 2 section on Reddit brings all the fresh news and new trends, although it is not as technical as the previous resources there are gems to be found here before other Angular related websites, many references point to sites with more technicians.

If you are already a Reddit user, you will feel comfortable learning from the links in this resource.

Check it out : / r / Angular2

  1. Built with Angular 2

It is an interesting collection of sites, applications and experiments created using Angular 2, all the links lead to Github which means that they are 100% available for cloning or replicating (fork).

In-Built with Angular 2, you learn inspired by the architectural approach of other developers who have worked with complete or partial solutions via Angular, now released for the community.

Check it out: Built with Angular 2

  1. Augury

This is a tool for the browser, specifically for Chrome.

The extension allows you to Debug your code created in Angular, using it you access a view of the structure of your application, its performance and you can detect changes, one more tool for when we are already in the code and want to speed up optimization or error correction. If you usually start the tests in Chrome, Augury will definitely be very useful.

Check it outAugury

  1. Podcast: Adventures in Angular

Undoubtedly an option that we have to listen to to find out about Angular trends and developments via these entertaining expert talks that last no more than 1 hour, many of us like to listen to podcasts while we rest, there are those who say they do it while developing.

Check it outAdventures in Angular

  1. WrapPixel

WrapPixel offers the best free and premium angular templates, Which you can download and use in your project. These templates are built with the latest angular versions and come with some jam-packed features and ready to use page templates. It will help you to build your website or web application much faster.

Also, these templates are very well researched and mostly bug-free as it’s been tested thoroughly.

Check it outAngular Themes by WrapPixel

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