6 Tricks to Learn Programming in Less Time

6 Tricks to Learn Programming in Less Time

Languages, video editing, or programming; No matter the discipline or the challenge we have set ourselves, if there is desire and willpower, a good part of the success will be assured. When it comes to self-study, there are those who eventually realize the mistakes they made during the process that slowed them down.

It is normal, because often they are subjects that are unknown to us and we do not have a mentor or guide to recommend us where to emphasize or what we are doing wrong.

In the case of web programming , it is common for those who are faced with it for the first time in a hurry to learn it, because they have a web page to set up or a similar project imminent.

Magic does not exist, and as with a language, learning to program “in a thousand words” or in a week is a utopia that, whoever offers it, will know that it is unrealizable.

In fact, in this discipline you never stop learning. But there are tricks so that what could last many months you can learn in less time.

Jorge Silva is a programmer and a ” self-learner ” and now that he knows what mistakes he made in his self-learning , he has some keys so that you do not repeat them. If you want to know what they are and thus learn to program in less time , click on “Next”:

1. Read and write a lot

The first of the tips from this programmer could well be for learning a language. The more you read about code (books, blogs, coding exercises, projects, etc.) the more and best practices you will know, the more solutions to problems you will learn and the better insight you will get of a certain language or system. You can also check some cheat sheets, like Vue cheat sheet to help you understand it better.

And once you have read, put it into practice (and also as soon as possible), to make sure that what you have learned you understand and are able to face an editor. It is like someone who learns the grammar of a language but never uses it; when push comes to shove, you won’t know how to speak or defend yourself with him.

2. Ask for help

If your goal is to learn to code in less time , don’t get stuck with a problem and ask for help. Otherwise, you can spend days or weeks trying to fix it, when it’s probably something simple that someone with some experience can solve quickly.

There are thousands of forums for programmers and web developers or question and answer platforms ( Stackoverflow , The programmer’s website ) where perhaps your question is resolved, and if not, you can always raise it so that someone offers to help you.

3. Work on parallel projects

You may want to learn to code because you have to work on a certain web page. If you focus on these projects, you will only learn specific notions of a specific language.

To really learn and be able to face different challenges, the ideal is that you work on different projects, which pose different situations. To do this, do not set yourself limits: if you have an idea or want to try to implement something new, and in the project you are in you cannot try it, you can do it in those other parallel projects.

4. Don’t try to understand everything

In web development and programming it can happen that something works without us knowing very well why (especially if we are not experts on the subject). Getting too stubborn when this happens and trying to understand which line of code is wrong is not always a good idea, if the project works as expected.

According to Silva, as a programmer matures, he realizes that it is not worth wasting hours and hours on these details. Ideally, a project is 80%.

5. Talk to other programmers

A good way to learn programming is to simply talk about it with other programmers and developers . About something you are learning, something that motivates you especially or something you are working on.

You will get to know new libraries, services, programming languages ​​and patterns and you will describe interpretations different from yours that you would never have considered otherwise. You can hire developer as well sometime to increase your own knowledge, as better developer than you can guide you and sometime you might not able to find someone helping you for free.

6. Try new things that are just right

As we mentioned in point 3, the best thing you can do to experiment and test new resources is to have several parallel projects. But this is not worth obsessing over; If you try a new code or terminal and the result is not what you expected, do not spend a lot of time.

Silva recommends about 30 minutes; from there, it is better to leave it and resume it in a while, when you probably have more resources and then you know what was wrong.

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